Consulting for Your Parish

Just as we aim to meet every child where he/she is, we want to do that with every parish, too. If you’ve read the book and need more assistance or guidance to implement Love First, we would love to help. From phone or video calls to on-site visits with members of your parish, we are here to shine a light on the gifts your parish can offer today’s children.

Video Call

This is a great option for anyone implementing Love First for the first time. Easy to schedule, and easy to gather your whole team for one call to get answers to your questions, brainstorm creative ways to use Love First, or discuss challenges specific to your parish. Schedule your call below!

Site Visit

This is a great option for parishes who are all in but want direction and guidance about what to do next — or what to do first! Colette Potts has been meeting and visiting with churches around the country to help clergy and ministry leaders rethink their children’s ministry. She will happily come to your church to assess spaces, meet with ministry leaders, and answer all your questions about implementing Love First in your community. Schedule your site visit below!

Visits usually take 1.5 to 3 hours. To make the most of your visit, we recommend reading the book ahead of time.

Call or Video (45 mins)Site Visit (2.5 hrs)
$75$525 (includes travel expenses)

For custom consulting packages, let us know how we can help!

What parishes are saying

Working with Colette has been wonderful!  Her insight, simplicity, and wisdom shines through her work. I think this curriculum is the wave of the future.  For our busy families, it is easy for kids to plug in whenever they get to church, and it’s often interconnected with what they are learning in school making Sunday School relevant to their everyday lives. The simplicity of starting with a mindfulness exercise and prayer sets the tone for the class, so that it is  meaningful, honest, and holy.

The Reverend Kimberlee Law, Associate Rector, Grace St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Tucson, Arizona

From my first visit to St. Barnabas to frequent check-ins from Colette, I have felt supported all along the way from people with the experience to give me meaningful feedback. It was particularly helpful to be able to see Love First in action at St. Barnabas and to have Colette come to my church to help me with big picture ideas as well as what might seem like minor details, such as the setup of classrooms. Colette is always a phone call away and has been able to help me plan things like our own Children’s Service. It’s been a joy to watch Love First grow, and to now be a part of it at Christ Church.

-Kari Fillian, Youth Ministries Coordinator, Christ Church, Plymouth, Massachusetts

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