The Creators

Colette and Matthew Potts, Creators

In 2016, Colette and Matthew created Love First for their home parish as a way to simplify the church’s message to children, and give parents something that they desperately needed: a community that valued love and that helped them with the big job of raising caring, loving children. The parish program caught the attention of other parishes and what followed was the creation of Love First, a book about our program, and an entire Love First community.

In the few years that followed, Colette and Matthew worked with dozens of parishes to bring the Love First principles to all areas of parish ministry: youth programs, book clubs, VBS, and even virtual ministry, just to name a few!

In 2020, Love First transitioned to an open-sourced model, inviting other formation ministers to contribute resources that they’ve made for their own parish. This change reflects the spirit of Love First: our Love First community has all the gifts we need.

If you are here, you are part of this loving community, and we can’t wait to witness what you do with our resources and how you share them with others.