What Children, Families, and Caregivers Are Saying

Like many other parents, I want to raise my children to be helpers and to learn the value of giving back to their community…One of my favorite aspects of the church school program has been witnessing the inter-generational relationships between the children and our older parishioners.

Jessica M., Parent

Most children go to church because of their parents. For us it is the other way around. There was something about that first children’s Sunday School class that resonated deeply within her and has kept her, including our family, going back every week.

Sung Bin P., Parent

In Sunday School I learned that God is love, and you should love your enemies.  Before, when I was just five, I though that bad guys we just bad, but now I know that you should love people, even if they’re your enemy…God is really LOVE.  I’ve been learning about it, and it’s pretty good!

Sam R., Student

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