Year 1 – The Collection (Lesson plans for Levels 1, 2, 3)


70 downloadable PDF lessons for Levels 1 through 3, ideal for pre-k through 5th grade

Our lesson plans are a companion to our book, Love First: A Children’s Ministry for the Whole Church so make sure you’ve read the book!



  • 70 lesson plans for Levels 1 through 3 (Pre-K through 5th grade), including:
    • Love Self, Jesus Heals the Paralytic
    • Thanksgiving
    • Advent
    • *Love Neighbor, The Good Samaritan (plus suggested project and book list for remaining lessons)
    • Lent/Easter
    • Love God, Jesus has Breakfast with Peter
  • Lesson plans include step-by-step instruction for teachers to implement Love First in their classrooms, including tips and strategies for developing a predictable classroom rhythm

*Love Neighbor is not an entire unit of lesson plans. Instead, we provide suggested projects and books that pair with the unit. In other words, we intentionally leave space for communities to seek ways for children to love their neighbor in their own communities. Want to see how other parishes are doing it? Join our Facebook group!


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