We Pottses love to celebrate. Whether it’s piano recitals, first or last days of school, finishing a project, cleaning out a closet, catching up on laundry, or finally getting rid of those maternity clothes; you name it, we love to celebrate it. Our celebrations are more or less the same: that is, they typically only include the five of us, and almost always involve cake of some kind. That’s how we celebrated the book deal, the finishing of the manuscript, and the completion of the copy edits. And frankly, that’s how we intended to celebrate the publication of the book too: just the five of us over a homemade yellow cake with vanilla buttercream frosting.

By now, I hope it’s clear that we’re celebrating the publication of the book with all of you. It seemed wholly appropriate to celebrate the writing of a book about this community with the community responsible for sparking the ideas, the vision, and the program—not to mention the many other parishioners who contributed to the book! In the spirit of the program: if the children’s ministry is for the whole church, then so is the book, and so too should be the celebration.

By the time August 26 has rolled around, rest assured we will have had some sort of Potts celebration (or two) at home with yellow cake. However, on Sunday the 26th, I look forward to celebrating all of you who have given gifts in big and small ways to our children’s ministry. Whether you’ve been in our classrooms, received something from our children, attended our children’s services, or spoke highly of the work the children have been doing, this celebration is for all of us, and all of our gifts that have made our children’s ministry something worth writing about.